Seeing that nobody donates nothing (logical and normal). Lately I consider that I cannot be eaten the keyboard to live, so I have begun to make a Web of contacts, which she is very generic and that each one finds something that fills in its day to day, friendship, love, a site of char them, cotilleo, marujeo, not, that is not centered in the love like the majority, but that is generic. Of there, I hope to be removing something from money that cheers a little to me and perhaps it causes that I follow with projects of free software. Asi that I leave the page here that is, hoping that if sees in lack something, any thing that could be improved, that suggests it.

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MonoCalendar is free software. Your you do not have to pay nothing to use MonoCalendar and you did not find spyware, adware or some other publicity in MonoCalendar. Like in any type of project, to make MonoCalendar it has been long dedicated time, and still more, pays a dominion, a servant, Internet, light and any thing that can arise. For that reason, it is thanked for to all that that can help very with a donation by peque&ntiled;a that is, please, you do a small donation so that projects as this they can exist. Thanks.

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